The IDR-EG introduces itself

The IDR has been established to collect hazardous waste in Düsseldorf and the area of Mettmann and to dispose this waste with respect to the law.

The waste disposal plant Düsseldorf-Reisholz began to operate on January 1st 1996 and is a certified waste disposal factory since 1998. The IDR-EG disposes of waste for industry and trade throughout Germany. Due to our high flexibility and outstanding performance, we are treating regional hazardous waste as well as waste from clients all over the world.

The certification comprises transportation, storage, treatment and disposal of waste. We are also a specialist company within the meaning of Section 19 of the Water Resources Act.






The IDR-EG Waste Disposal Company

With the foundation of the disposal center, the aim was to provide industry and trade for a competent partner for the proper disposal of industrial wastes to the side. Responsible behavior should not only natural but are made for each waste producer as light as possible.

Therefore, we can help you from a single source in the disposal of over 700 types of waste. This saves trips, time, money and administrative burden. Let us as your waste disposal company recognized, you can save even the elaborate approval procedures of the District government. If desired, we also create the necessary waste accompanying documentation

We offer:

  • Temporary hazardous waste storage facility
  • Warehouse for contaminated materials
  • Tank farm
  • E-Waste
  • all waste according to AVV

With exception of:

  • Radioactive waste
  • Infectious waste
  • Explosives
  • Dry picric acid