About Us

The IDR-EC was founded with the purpose to collect hazardous waste in Düsseldorf and Mettmann in the region and require proper disposal within the law. Our catchment area is not limited to the region. The IDR-EG disposes of waste for industry and trade throughout Germany.

About us

Service Nummer: +49(0)211 65028 346 .

Not least because of our flexibility and efficiency are customers from all over Germany and from abroad their hazardous waste.

The disposal center Reisholz on 01.01.1996 is now in operation since 1998 and certified as a waste management company.

The certification covers the areas of transport, storage, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste. Since 2002, we are a specialist company within the meaning of § 19 of the Water Act.

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You can easily hand in over 500 types of waste here. Elaborate approval procedures, complicated forms and long waiting times are no longer necessary.

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